Hi I’m Zoë!

I’m an engineer-turned professional drummer from Toronto and I’ve always dreamed of playing sold-out arenas. In the meantime, I often find myself using backline kits or sharing with other bands. This makes it IMPOSSIBLE for me to represent the artist I’m playing with at every single show.

If you’re like me, you want everyone in the crowd to know who’s killing it on stage with you. That’s why I created DrumSknz! (The “z” is for Zoë). DrumSknz are synthetic bass drum covers with your logo or design permanently embedded; they're locally-manufactured and hand-sewn by my team of skilled professionals (my mom and me). They can fit in your pocket and be stretched over your kick drum in under 20 seconds!

DrumSknz are a fast, easy and effective way to make sure everyone watching your show knows who you are.